ENDORPHINATE® Product line

Natural, patent pending, vegetarian capsule formulations that promote a sense of calm, comfort, positive mood, and well-being as well as prevent and relieve emotional and physical distress, including anxiety, anger, pain, and cravings.

┬áEndorphinate┬« AR ÔÇô Formulated to promote a sense of calm, comfort, positive mood and well-being, as well as increased energy, memory, and mental clarity.┬á┬á

Endorphinate┬« PR ÔÇô promotes relief from emotional distress and minor pain unassociated with any disease state, i.e. muscle pain following exercise, by enhancing healthy endorphin functioning.

Endorphinate┬« CF ÔÇô Enhanced formulation promotes restful sleep in addition to a sense of calm, comfort and well-being, without the energizing benefits of the other Endorphinate┬« products.