“Deepak Chopra: the Greatest Mind/Body Expert of Our Time” – Dr. Oz  

“I take Endorphinate® and have  been experiencing its beneficial effects. I unhesitatingly endorse and support the use of Endorphinate to help increase resistance to stress, anxiety, trauma, cravings and fatigue.”  Deepak Chopra, M.D.


Endorphinate® Product Information and Ingredients

Which Product is Right for You:

Deepak Chopra Endorphinate® AR (Anxiety Relief) is our unique, patented formula combining the energizing effect of natural caffeine with the calming, balancing benefits of other key ingredients to help relieve emotional and physical distress, including anxiety, cravings, anger, and fatigue, and to promote calm, comfort, well-being, energy, and mental clarity. Add AR to Cart  

Deepak Chopra Endorphinate® PR (Pain Relief) provides similar (but more modest) benefits as AR with regard to emotional and physical distress while also helping to relieve minor pain (unassociated with any disease state).  Add PR to Cart   

 Deepak Chopra Endorphinate® CF (Caffeine-Free) promotes restful sleep, relief of emotional and physical distress, as well as calm, comfort, well-being, and positive mood, without the energizing effects of Endorphinate® AR and PR.  Add CF to Cart

$34.95/bottle (one time orders)

$28.95 (every 60 days autoship — see details below)

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Every 60 Days Autoship 

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Product Order Options.

  1. Pondera® Endorphinate® AR Every 60 Days
  2. Pondera® Endorphinate® CF Every 60 Day
  3. Pondera® Endorphinate® PR Every 60 Days  
  4. Pondera® Endorphinate® AR + Endorphinate® CF. (This is a “unit”. You can only order the SAME NUMBER of bottles of each product.)
  5. Pondera® Endorphinate® AR + Endorphinate® PR. (This is a “unit”. You can only order the SAME NUMBER of bottles of each product.)
  6. Pondera® Endorphinate® CF + Endorphinate® PR. (This is a “unit”. You can only order the SAME NUMBER of bottles of each product.)
  7. Pondera® Endorphinate® AR + Endorphinate® CF + Endorphinate® PR (This is a “unit”. You can only order the SAME NUMBER of bottles of each product.)

Please Note:  Only Use Links 1-7. Do Not Place Multiple Recurring Orders. If you do that, the original orders will go through and will ship as one order, but all recurring orders will ship separately or be cancelled. If they ship separately, you will be billing an additional $5.95 shipping and handling charge for each extra shipment.

Product Change. If at any time you want to do change which product or products you wish to receive every 60 days, you must cancel your order and place a new order. 

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