Endorphinate® Considerations: Clinical Use

We are very excited about the introduction of our first generation endorphin-balancing nutraceutical product, Endorphinate®.  Our Endorphinate® Science and Research Report (link below) includes our clinical research and studies, which validate the safety and efficacy of Endorphinate®, including a Summary of our Clinical Case Studies (over 200 subjects) and Induced Pain Trials. You may also be interested in reading our Distress Disorder pending patent, which describes a more extensive overview of these groundbreaking discoveries (link below) .   We also want to bring your attention to the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Pondera website as you assess the potential benefits of Endorphinate®.

In particular, while nearly everyone can benefit from daily use of Endorphinate® for the prevention of emotional and physical distress as well as to enhance an adaptive response to stress, we have found that immediate benefits are experienced by some but not other individuals.  While it may be obvious, those who have chronically imbalanced and depleted endorphin systems typically report more dramatic benefits.  Manifest symptoms of this condition include anxieties and unrealistic fears and worries, cravings for food, drugs and alcohol, inappropriate anger and irritability, hyperalgesia as well as chronic aches and pains, particularly those that seem exaggerated or unwarranted based on actual bodily injury.

Some individuals report benefits, including increased calm, comfort, and well-being, within a few hours and days of initial dosing.  Others find that their benefits are experienced more slowly, often after a few weeks of daily dosing.  We typically find that benefits continue to increase over months of regular use.  Dosing instructions are included on the bottle and Pondera website.  It is reasonable to start with one capsule, twice daily, then increase to two capsules, twice daily, and potentially increase up to two capsules, three times daily, for maximal benefits.

We have found that Endorphinate® is well tolerated by most individuals with no side effects or drug interactions.  However, please note that it contains ginkgo biloba, which has certain blood-thinning characteristics, as well as guarana, which has a low level of caffeine.  While for most individuals these ingredients, which have been synergistically combined with the other components of our formulation, provides health-promoting benefits, including improved calm, comfort, and sleep, professional judgment is necessary when recommending Endorphinate® for certain sensitive individuals, including children and pregnant and lactating women.  We are currently developing a caffeine-free, ginkgo-free formulation for these individuals.

A specific caveat – anyone who already regularly takes a combination of nutraceuticals that include the key components of Endorphinate® (NAC, L-theanine, caffeine, and ginkgo biloba as well as magnesium sulfate, ashwagandha, ginger, and/or lemon balm) may not experience additional benefits from taking the product.  Please consider these factors when developing reasonable expectations regarding Endorphinate®.

We hope that this clinical information is useful to you as you decide when to recommend Endorphinate® to your patients/clients.  Healthcare providers have found that Endorphinate® provides a unique addition to their clinical tools when treating individuals with a wide variety of physical and emotional distress conditions. Endorphinate® is the only available safe and natural way to enhance and balance endogenous opioid systems, critical to the restoration and maintenance of healthy stress and pain responses.