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Endorphinate® Product Information:

Cravings and Addictions

  • Cravings, obsessions, compulsions, and substance abuse can be produced by imbalanced and depleted endorphins
  • Endorphinate® is the only product available that has been scientifically developed to restore, rebalance, and enhance your endorphins
  • Balanced and enhanced endorphins can calm down these relentless urgings, allowing you to better control your thoughts and actions
  • Endorphinate ® can naturally and safely produce the state of serenity and well-being that you have been desperately seeking.

Why Endorphinate®?

 Current addiction treatments

  • Are not developed to restore balance to the endorphins
  • May not reduce distressing cravings and urgings
  • Often maintain dependence on addictive substances and behaviors
  • Typically have noxious and, at times, dangerous side effects


  • Helps resolve underlying endorphin imbalances
  • Reduces distressing cravings and urgings
  • Provides a natural ability to make healthy choices
  • Helps reduce substance use and compulsive behaviors
  • Naturally enhances a sense of serenity and well-being

Frequently Asked Questions

What are addictions?

 Addictions are essentially compulsive behaviors that feel out-of-control.  They can include addiction to substances, such as alcohol, tobacco, narcotic drugs, and even food, as well as to specific behaviors, such as sex, gambling, and spending.

 How are cravings related to addictions?

 Cravings are typically a critical part of addiction, leading an individual to feel a longing for the substance or behavior.  Cravings play a significant role in driving a person to keep engaging in the addictive behavior.

 What about withdrawal?

 For a person addicted to a substance or behavior, withdrawal symptoms are often experienced when the substance or behavior is stopped.  Withdrawal symptoms can include aches and pains, gastrointestinal discomfort, pain sensitivity, agitation, despair, anxiety, and depression.  Avoidance of withdrawal symptoms often motivates a person to keep engaging in the addictive behavior.

 How safe and effective are current treatment for addictions?

 Current treatment is generally very limited for most addictions.  Cravings and withdrawal symptoms typically continue, leading the individual to engage in the addictive behavior.  The most common way to reduce these cravings and withdrawal symptoms is to treat the individual with drugs that actually contain the addicted substance, such as Suboxone® for narcotic addiction or Nicotine Gum for smoking.  Therefore, the underlying physiological problems are typically not treated, and the individual remains “addicted.”  Furthermore, the prescription medications conventionally used for addictions often produce their own negative side effects.

 Why is Endorphinate® more effective for addictions?

 There is scientific evidence to suggest that many addictions are due to imbalanced endorphin systems, leading to cravings and withdrawal symptoms.  Conventional medications do not restore balance to endorphin systems.  In fact, they often make these imbalances worse!  Endorphinate® is the only product available that safely and effectively enhances endorphins and rebalances endorphin receptors.  As a result, Endorphinate® can naturally reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, making it easier to choose to stop engaging in the undesired behavior.

 How can I use Endorphinate® to help end addictive behaviors?

 By taking Endorphinate® daily, the endorphin system begins to restore balance.  Most individuals with addictions start with one capsule of Endorphinate®, twice daily, and then increase to two capsules of Endorphinate® twice daily, after a few days.  Within a week, most people find that their cravings begin to reduce, providing them a greater ability to make different choices.  Obviously, Endorphinate® does not make these choices for you.

Before, during or after the first week of using Endorphinate® daily, we suggest that you reduce and/or eliminate the undesired behavior and/or undesired substance use (drugs, cigarettes, etc).  Depending on the individual and the severity of situation, this change may still be challenging. However, with Endorphinate® and reduced cravings, most people find that they can make these choices more easily.  Some individuals prefer to take additional Endorphinate® during this phase, up to a total of six capsules daily.

Endorphinate® also reduces withdrawal symptoms.  Therefore, many people are relieved to find that when they are reducing and/or eliminating the undesired behavior, they experience fewer physiological symptoms of emotional and physical distress.  Clearly, this facilitates the new choices, since they actually begin to feel better rather than worse as they enter this new phase of their life, free from their substance abuse and other addictive behaviors.

 Do I have to take Endorphinate® forever?

 No.  Endorphinate® is obviously helpful during the initial phase of this program, as you eliminate the undesired behavior from your life.  Most people find that continuing daily Endorphinate® after they have successfully made this change enhances their life and continues to provide a sense of calm, comfort, well-being, and positive mood.  Since there are many reasons why the endorphin system becomes imbalanced, including prolonged stress, addictive behavior, and substance abuse, continuing Endorphinate® helps maintain balanced endorphins.  In this way, most people are able to enjoy life to its fullest, and respond adaptively to life’s stresses without returning to their old addictive coping patterns.

Over time, many people find that reducing Endorphinate® to one capsule, twice daily works fine.  Then, when stresses occur, you can take additional Endorphinate®, if desired, to help you sail through these stressful periods. Alternatively, some individuals choose to discontinue Endorphinate® once they are free from their addictive behaviors, knowing they can always take Endorphinate® during particularly stressful times.