Endorphinate® Customer Experiences

Endorphinate® Case Study Summary (Study Link)

(203 people used Endorphinate® as recommended. The effective dosage level depended
upon the severity of symptoms and the person’s sensitivity to natural products.  Everyone who used Endorphinate® experienced substantial benefits.  Noone who used Endorphinate® had increased symptoms or negative side effects.)

I started my 11 year old daughter on 1 capsule of Endorphinate AR in the morning – we have not changed that dose.  Within the first day the 1 capsule of Endorphinate helped settle my daughter’s irritability, emotional outbursts, anger, anxiety. Within 1 week her food cravings were reduced and there was a noticeable decrease in body fat from her belly. Tara M, West Kelowna, BC, Canada

I had previously used Endorphinate and had a very positive effect. After a while I felt I could be stop taking since I was feeling so much better. This past summer I had major surgery, aging issues, etc. that caused me to become very anxious and depressed. I took Ativan for the anxiety, but realized it caused more depression. I struggled for several months, then one day I found a half-full bottle of Endorphinate in the closet and began taking it again. Within a few days I began to feel so much better. Calmer, less stressful, and a general sense of well-being began to prevail, and with each passing day I feel better and better. Marianne T, Lake Katrine NY.

I feel an overall well being after using. No longer need Xanax.  G Rose, Point Pleasant NJ

I use to take Xanax daily for panic attacks then I heard about this product after only 2 days after I started taking it I no longer needed the xanex for attacks. I am so grateful for this product! R Rose, Brick NJ

Easy to take, and feel better in general, less anxiety and less moody.  Sai C, Santa Rosa CA.

I have only been taking for a week, I feel good! Kind of like how I am supposed to feel. I have less anxiety, and worry. My depressed mood has lightened. I am especially impressed because I suffer from bad PMS symptoms, and this past week I was surprised to not have the normal depression/anxiety that occurs at this time of my cycle. My mom has been taking this as well, and cannot stop speaking praises about it! I cannot wait to see how much my life improves because I am improving. Thank you for this product.  Andrea P, Brunswick, OH

I feel great!As a stutterer-for 42 years-I’ve been under enormous stress! My fear to talk is almost gone.  I’m relaxed and calm, and take life more easy.  Meinert S, Lahti, Finland.

I found that it has enhanced my life and will continue to take them as it gives me the edge to live life the way I want to.  Patrick A, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Helped lift my energy to be more productive and out-going. Cynthia H,  San Diego CA.

I have experienced an overall improvement in my anxiety, worrisome thoughts, emotional distress, etc. After many years of sleep disruption I have experienced considerable improvement in falling asleep, staying asleep and waking rested and even happy!  Leah B,  Oglesby IL.

Overall I seem calmer and less compulsive. I still have to address these concerns, but it is less often and less in magnitude. I expect to continue seeing results and am subscribing to the autoship.  Kellie S, Forte Meade MD.

I felt pretty good before starting Endorphinate, but sometimes was anxious or nervous. Since starting it, I feel pretty great every day. When I run out of it, I really miss it. It is the one supplement that I take that I would miss very much if I didn’t have it. Mostly, have noticed improved mood, handle stress much better, overall greater energy and feeling good. Felt good before, but now my mood is much improved and feel great.  Meryl B, Delray Beach FL.

Excellent product, helped me with SEVERE Chronic physical discomfort, and helped anxiety and some very mild depression secondary to chronic physical discomfort. Eric P, Johnstown, OH.

I started taking two AR in the morning but found that just taking 1 worked just as well unless I am under high amounts of stress.  Over all the changes have been very positive, if I forget to take it I feel the difference. The use of Endorphinate has brought about great changes that have improved my quality of life. Isabel V, Kailua Kona, HI.

I love this miracle capsule!!! I can focus, less food cravings, no depression,happy and energized. I can read, pray and meditate with more concentration. I love how I feel about my self.   Guadalupe M, Hamilton City, CA.

I didn’t start it with any profound “symptoms” so I didn’t expect anything particularly dramatic. I just noticed a deeper sense of calm and felt as though my system was soothed throughout the day. I have a high stress job and fast-paced lifestyle and noticed feeling more grounded and calm while taking the product. Tara M, West Kelowna BC, Canada.Definitely decreased my need to binge, and food obsession.  Thank you!  Katy R,   Seattle WA.

Endorphinate has been a miracle for me.   Its benefits are growing in my state of stress and fatigue everyday to give me comfort and wellbeing.  It is wonderful.   Ramon P, San Juan de la Maguana, PR

My energy and vitality improved. I also think my inflammation got reduced. Therefore I look better.  Siavash A, Orinda CA.

 My experience with Endorphinate has been subtle but positive. My feelings of anxiety continue to improve. I have felt the most relief in the quality of my sleep . I sleep deeply and longer than I did before taking Endorphinate. Elizabeth, M, Golden CO.

I sleep better when I take the CF. I feel like I have more energy and can concentrate better when I take the AR.  Anne R, Milledgeville GA.

I take one PR each morning. If I feel unwell or have a headache, I take 1-2 more. It has been very effective for quick headache relief.           Diane L, Ypsilanti MI.  

I do know that when I run out and go days with out I can tell the difference. I have taken in the past, different kinds of medicine and find that Endorphinate has and is working much better. I just feel a better quality of life in general is accruing.      Lisa A, State College PA.

Overall, this product has helped my daughter reduce her overall stress levels and to actually begin to laugh and enjoy the moment. She doesn’t seem to be as tense and have as much anxiety as before.  Paul G, Avondale AZ.

 I and many of my relatives are greatly benefiting by this product. I find AR the most effective. It is also benefiting some autistic kids.  Rajanish M, ADILABAD, Andhra Pradesh, India.

My greatest concern was lack of interest in things I used to enjoy. Those interests have returned and I have the energy to do them again. Heather O, Snellville GA.

A life changer. I am so happy with this product. Judy W, San Luis Obispo CA.

I was a little skeptical at first. I had taken St Johns Worth, 5 HTP, and a prescribed medicine from my doctor. I did not notice any changes with any of them, actually the medicine I got from the doctor made me feel worse. Once I started taking Endorphinate, I think after a week I promise I noticed a difference in my mood, the way a felt just my over all well being. I also notice that I snacked less in the evenings. I love this stuff will continue to take it. Shirley D, Lees Summit, MO.

I would hate to go without it…especially how it has improved my memory. It has also help my sugar cravings!  Catherine H, Spring TX.

I enjoy a deeper sense of well being, life is much more enjoyable now.  Ingrid K, Oregon House CA.

Since taking the product, I have gone off of my anti-depression medication. I now feel back to myself, have more motivation and energy.  Judy A, Valparaiso, IN.

I can really tell with the emotional stress. Not so agitated and overwhelmed with every calamity. Candace L, Las Vegas NV.

Endorphinate gives me a feeling of energy and vitality. Gabriela S, New Orleans LA.

When I first started I use to take a total of 4 – 5 daily now I take 1 to 2. I used to take Zanex for panic attacks & since taking Endorphinate I no longer need to take Zanex. I feel great.Georgene R, Point Pleasant NJ.

I was interested in taking Endorphinate to relieve some anxiety and stress. I have not yet ordered a second bottle but I will soon because I am seeing a positive effect on my mood and mental clarity. Christina Y, Brooklyn NY.

I began taking one capsule, then upped it to two in the morning. If I don’t take it, by 3pm I am lethargic and dragging/sleepy. And feel out of sorts emotionally. At times of intense work load and duress I will add another dose in the late afternoon to early evening.  My energy is GREATLY improved – my metabolism is better and Endorphinate helps me when my schedule involves early mornings and late night events where I must be “on” and in a positive place. My sense of balance has improved and my ability to focus increased. I carry it with me so that if I miss a dose or feel particularly drained due to work schedule/stress – I can take another dose to balance my body’s functioning at a hormonal level. Marilee M, Pompano Beach, FL.

I was off work after an injury and was typically a very active person. After injury I began having panic attacks, anxiety issues, and gaining weight…feeling horrible about all of this and out of control I researched this product. I was anxious about using it since it had natural caffeine in it, but oddly enough it did the trick….it didn’t cause MORE anxiety issues, it actually calmed my nerves and really helped me focus. I feel more in control now.  Charlene P, Akron, Ohio.

I ordered my first bottle of Endorphinate in May of 2012. I had just suffered the loss of my Mother and my oldest Son in August and December (respectively) of 2011. Needless to say I was struggling with multiple symptoms of complicated grief and to be really honest, it was turning into a classic PTSD type of reaction daily. I noticed this product on the Chopra.com webpage. I had been participating in a 21 – day meditation challenge (have done many of those) and an ad for Endorphinate popped up in an Ad-Choices window. So I tried it. The information that is on the website said it could take up to 2 weeks to show its effects. Within three days I was feeling it and it helped me immensely! Took the full 60 cap bottle and I was good. I started taking it again this winter when my father is now terminally ill and in hospice. I figured I wouldn’t let the symptoms get as bad as they did last time before I sought help!! I am a Ph.D. candidate in the field of social/neuro psychology. I understand the importance of the endorphin process to healing, health and emotional and psychological well-being. I am also very anti-medical model approach to treating the types of issues I was suffering from. So I very much appreciate this product and all the relief it brought to me and I am sure many others. I recommend it to anyone that I can see could benefit from it. Thank you for being such an awesome pioneer in this field of alternate healing modalities!    Sincerely, Kellie S, Sacramento, CA.

I love this stuff. I go to a group for depression and I’m going to take a bottle with me tomorrow and tell them how great this is. I’m soooo happy now that I found Endorphinate, I tell everyone I know about it. I wish everyone would at least try it.  Thank you so much, Margaret. Margaret H, Vancouver WA.

The main reasons I tried Endorphinate was because I had been feeling a bit depressed (it may just have been the short winter days, I don’t know) and the quality of my sleep has worsened as I have gotten older. I wasn’t feeling refreshed when I arose. I must say I have been sleeping quite well since taking the CF in the evening. I just take one about an hour before I want to sleep. It really works! I also take the AR every morning and I feel generally good overall. In sum, I am a happy customer.  Paula M, El Cajon, CA

I started taking 2 capsules of Endorphinate AR and 2 capsules of Endorphinate CR late in the evening. For the last 7-8years I have been Suffering from Insomnia. Never been having a good nights sleep. I tried a variety of products starting from Ambien to natural supplements to alternative medicines. Nothing really helped me. And from the past 17years I have suffered from depression and anxiety. I read the testimonials and was particularly impressed with the testimonial of one Mr Kevin P of Alameda Ca. Before I took the products I was really wishing that I could also see the same results as Mr Kevin mentioned as I was in the same situation as Mr Kevin and having tired a wide variety of things I had just resigned to my fate until I found these products. It’s been only 25 days since aim taking these products and already I am feeling better , I sleep way better than what I used to sleep am a lot less stressed have more energy and feel enthusiastic and will to live my life to the fullest. This is god sent for me!!! I hope these products will continue to help me and help me reach my highest potential.  My heart felt Thank you to one and all at Pondera!!  Ashwin J, Silver Spring, MD.

Can not believe how quickly this product ended my food cravings. Within hours of taking one capsule I cold tell a difference. I have lost 5 pounds since September. It took a few months, but I am now able to go without anti-depression medication! I will continue taking this excellent product. Thank you.  Jennifer K, State College, PA

Since taking Endorphinate, I have generally felt much better. Before, I was very depressed, worried, and had an extremely negative outlook on life. When I have Endorphinate in my system, it doesn’t change what I think, but it helps me to see the world from a different, more positive perspective. I have much more energy on Endorphinate and it changes my mood drastically for the better. Rachel N, University Park, PA.

The best part about taking Endorphinate is that I feel calm and worry free after about 15-30 minutes of taking the [one AR] capsule [in the morning]. Suilma R., Los Angeles, CA.

This alone is a big help to feeling a sense of balance in my daily life. I was happy when I heard about a product that contained caffeine without negative side effects. I have noticed a very positive outlook and better handling of stressful situation since taking it. Meryl B, Delray Beach, FL.

I have recently gone up to taking two Endorphinate AR a day.  I have found that the second one provides me the perfect amount of clarity and energy to have a longer, more productive day. It has changed my ability to focus on the positive things rather than the negative and to have a general and overall positive outlook on life. Dallas E, Warrior, Alabama.

I first started taking Endorphinate early in the Fall of 2011. During this period, I was experiencing extreme mood swings that effected my sleep patterns, emotional stability, physical state, my general well-being. I have tried everything from prescription medications, psychotherapy, dietary changes, exercise, yoga, but it wasn’t until I tried Endorphinate did all these practices I developed over the years seem to take full effect. I can best describe Endorphinate as a supplement that eases emotional and mental disturbances. The decrease of internal noise helps me focus and feel more at ease with myself and my external surroundings. The calming effect produced by routinely taking Endorphinate is a catalyst for general well-being. Overall, my mood has improved, my body has improved, and my impulse control has dramatically improved. Kevin P, Alameda, CA.

I’ve enjoyed the positive effects of taking Endorphinate AR and have purchased a monthly-auto ship amount and plan to slightly increase my dosage.  Ethan S, Honolulu, HI.

I feel like a normal person while taking this. I am able to function better and face life with a positive attitude.  Janine D, Livingston, LA.

What a wonderful product! I have used it for about three months and now I have two other friends using it and they love it as well. This product just sells itself. Nichole Y, Huron, SD.

Life is full of stressful situations. Endorphinate helps regulate your response to these situations. And now that there is an auto ship option available, it makes it that much easier.  Lisa A, Westfield, MA.

Thank you I think it is terrific. I feel a huge reduction in alcohol cravings, although I still drink, I drink much less and can take it or leave it now. Before, I used to have huge cravings.  I sleep better too. Maureen D, Harrow, Ontario.

The Endorphinate CF has replaced Melatonin at night and I do find that waking up I am alert and ready to go.   I am able to walk longer distances and do not feel the stress of ‘waiting’ for the pain to start; remaining more calm that I can make it a little further each time.  Diana R, Cleveland OH.

Endorphinate has been a miracle for me. I have gone through some enormous stresses and it has made a major difference. The first thing I noticed is that I did not focus on the stress and I became much more productive. It gave me energy and I accomplish so much more in a day than before. I take two in the morning and mid to late afternoon, I take usually one more. I sail through the day, my mind is clearer and I feel like I’m achieving more. I highly recommend this product.  Annette C, Lusby, MD.

I’ve had such a positive response to this product that I’ve told everyone I know to start taking it!  Heather O, Snellville, GA.

I could hardly believe how good your product is. In only about 2 days I could tell the difference in how good I felt. I was calmer and just had a good feeling. I sleep much better now also..this is a miracle drug. Thank u thank u.  Margaret H, Vancouver, WA

I am very grateful for this product…..it is helping me in so many ways….when I do my meditation i can focus better which is very important to me….I don’t crave food like I did….I have lost 3 lbs in one week….my husband is very sick (heart patient) and I am handling it better….I am very grateful for this product…I have prayed for something like this….tomorrow I will start taking 4 capsules a day and I will keep you informed…again thank you again for this “happy pill”…can’t thank you enough. Fran R, Dunn, NC

As I’ve said before…the world would be a better place if more people used this product! I’ve been very pleased, it has greatly improved many areas, but most of all I can tell that my body isn’t being beaten up by cortisol from stress.  Catherine H, Spring, TX.

I highly recommend this product. I feel so much better since taking them!   GG R, Point Pleasant NJ

This order is for my mother.  I take the products CF and AR. I have noticed a much improved disposition and it seems to have reduced her stress and reactiveness. Keep up the good work!  Catherine H, Spring, TX.

I was watching the Dr. Oz show one day and he shared about 7 different supplements for various issues that mostly applied to menopausal aged women or women in general. One of those was Endorphinate. I purchased a bottle of everything he suggested.  The second month, I decided not to continue taking some of those supplements, mostly due to financial reasons. BUT, since I had distinctly noticed that about 15-20 minutes after taking everything that I had a recognizable feeling of calmness and acceptance and even a little more motivation, I was certain to continue taking the Endorphinate. And here I am, almost 2 months into taking 1 Endorphinate daily.  I come from a very long line of clinically depressed family members who have all had to surrender themselves to taking anti-depressants for a large portion of their lives. I, personally, have never experienced depression, but definitely have experienced being overwhelmed and stressed.  Endorphinate is my choice and it works for me. Vanessa A, Kileen, TX.

I LOVE it! Makes me feel alive, happy and calm.  Some days I felt depressed or with anxiety I took one or two extra capsules.  Patricia G, Lancaster CA

Endorphinate has helped me achieve a sense of calm that I haven’t felt in years. Kelly M, Fredericktown, PA

I used to get restless anytime I needed to drive in my car and had to take something to calm down.  Since taking your product I feel so much better and have not taken anything else. I am so happy that I was informed of this product.  It is GREAT! Thank you.  Georgene R, Brick, NJ

Two very significant changes have occurred: I am noticeably less angry and irritable, and my alcohol usage/cravings have decreased significantly.  Maureen D, Windsor, Ontario

I experienced positive effects from Endorphinate since I took the first capsule. My well being was improved, my concentration and stress response are much better.  Gerhard T, Regensburg, Germany

Stressful situations happen all the time. I have found that Endorphinate has greatly improved my response to these situations. Lisa A, Westfield, MA

I have suffered for many years from irrational fears, panic disorder, anxiety, as well as obsessive/compulsive worry. Encouraged by the overwhelming positive response from reviews, I decided to try it. I have been taking it for about 3 and half weeks now, and have definitely noticed some positive effects, and definitely no negative ones. It increases energy, focus, mental clarity, and encourages what I would call a more normal response to stress. When fears pop up, they are far less likely to spiral into periods of deep anxiety, or continuing, unresolved worry. It’s a subtle change…which I like, because I dislike the feeling of being medicated in any way. I feel totally myself, just more calm, in a centered balanced way. If the benefits continue to become more pronounced, I will only be more happy and thankful for this supplement.  Jenah R, Yucca Valley, CA

My family and friends have started taking this product and I’m running low on my AR since I have given some to others. Since my husband has been taking this product it has definitely made him a more pleasant person to be around. Your making the world a better place…. Thanks. Catherine H, Spring, TX

All I can say is this pill has saved my life and relationships. I’m no longer stressed out over simple things or suffering from anxiety in large crowds. This pill has changed my life completely. Thank you PONDERA!!! Makisha S, Lithia Springs, GA

I was having significant anxiety. I have had for many years, but recently worsened considerably. I noticed feelings of increased well-being within a few hours of taking my first capsule. Monica W., Raleigh, NC

I really feel calmer and can let things go very quickly A general feeling of well being is very descriptive. I feel happy and more content.  Betty G., Charleston, SC

Well, all I can say is that the world would be a better place if everyone could take this product. Without going into the gory details, in the last 4 years my life, in every dept. has become very stressful. Throughout all of this I have been determined not to lose my health over stress and the things I have no control over. I didn’t want to go on anti-depressants because I felt for me; it would only be a band aid. I had been aware for awhile that cortisol was hurting my body. When I would become upset I could actually feel it flushing into my system and could see the effects physically. Besides the additional belly fat the day after a particularly stressful day before I would notice my face would be very puffy. I also was over consuming sugar and since I have started taking Endorphinate AR (one month ago) I rarely have any sweets at all with absolutely no cravings and my belly fat is about half of what it was! I didn’t know what to expect as far as when I would (or if I would) notice a difference after I started taking AR. It was only two to three days after I started taking AR that I had something happen that usually would have been very upsetting to me. To my amazement, I didn’t feel any reaction in my body at all and I found that I was able to stay calm and not react through a situation that typically would have been very upsetting to me. It actually put a smile on my face because I felt like a whole new person, not caught up in the same cycle of reacting the way I had been for so long. I take one pill in the morning and one between 5-6 in the afternoon. I took a third one once on a particularly bad day and I noticed the caffeine in the AR did cause me not to sleep as well. I am going to get a bottle of the caffeine free for times that I might feel I would like to take one before I go to sleep. However, that has only happened once in the month I have been taking AR.  Thank you, Catherine  H., Houston, TX

I am very pleased with how I feel now. Endorphinate has made a big difference in my well being. Laura B., Huntingson PA

I love this stuff. My mood is entirely different now and I can handle stressful situations much better. Thanks Pondera.  Makisha S., Lithia Springs, GA

I was having a lot of anger and restlessness, also just feeling out of sorts.  Now I am feeling more relaxed, less irritable and just feeling good. My Dr. told me about Endorphinate 2 months ago. I thought i would give it a try. I am very happy I was introduced to this all natural product and will recommend this to my family and friends. Thanks for this wonderful product!!  Mike K, Gray, ME

I purchased at the recommendation of my adult son who had taken formula for a month or so. I felt my alcohol and marijuana consumption had become excessive. I also ate sugar to excess. I also felt that I was becoming increasingly hopeless. I felt every ache and pain and associated them with the worse.  Initially after starting Endorphinate I did not feel I was getting any response. I spoke to my son about his experience and he recommendation that I increase my dose, which I did up to my current levels. After increasing my daily dose, I started to notice several things; 1. I have stopped using alcohol and marijuana completely. 2. I have stopped all sugar(candy) consumption. 3. I have reduced and feel I will ultimately stop using coffee and caffeine. 4. I am comfortably losing excess weight I have accumulated over 20 years. 5. I feel that my overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and illness are disappearing. I am feeling calmer and happier each new day. 6. I have an inherent feeling of wanting to eat right and perform daily exercise. 7. Overall, I am better!  Tim B, Akron, OH

I have taken 2 Endorphinate caps a day for 7 weeks. I have calmed significantly.  Gary C, Norfolk, VA

Overall, Endorphinate has provided a sense of calm which has helped with all the issues (Emotional Distress, Worries and Fears, Restlessness and Agitation, Anger/Impulsivity/Irritability, Obsessions and Compulsions, Memory Concerns,) I was having. Maribel L, Coral Springs, FL.

I experience a change of mood, more energy, not as depressed as before.  Eating less. More positive. I want to wake up in the morning.  Brenda C, NY, NY.

I feel like a wave of calm pours over me within a half hour or less after taking my morning dose of Endorphinate. I have truly suffered since the 1990’s. I thought I would get over it in a couple of weeks, but after years of trying every kind of holistic and allopathic, herbs, acupuncture, sauna’s, etc. I saw this product on Dr. Oz and decided to try it. And I am so glad I am using it. It just calms my nervous system like no other product I have tried did.  Ameena J, Worcester, MA

I think it has helped my chronic daily headaches.   Julie R, Birmingham, AL.

What surprised me the most is how fast Endorphinate works. I noticed a difference within 30 minutes of my initial dose. I’m going through some life-changing events that normally would cause fear, anxiety and compulsive tendencies. Endorphinate has really leveled me out.  John S, NY, NY

I saw this on Dr. Oz and was looking for something to help me feel less depressed.  I wanted something with very little side effects and so far the Endorphinate is helping. I have more drive to get up and do things and a sex drive which what I had been using before took away. Steve T, Garland, TX

I feel better taking Endorphinate. My mood improves quickly. I noticed within 30 minutes of taking the first pill. I feel energetic. It has helped the minor aches and pains I occasionally get. Food cravings have lessened somewhat. I usually take about 3 a day. One first thing in morning, and another mid day, if I have a lot to do, I will take a third in the early evening. I definitely have more energy. What I notice the most is better mood and more energy very quickly. I am very pleased with this product. Annette, C., Lusby, MD

I have been a worrier for most of my life, which made me stressed out all the time. This lead to stomach issues and just wanting to not participate in my own life due to all the anxiety. I have been taking your product for one week and so far I am amazed. If a worrying thought enters my mind I am able to detach from it and not let it take over my thoughts or my day. For me that has been a miracle since in the past these worries would just take over my whole day and cause me much anxiety. I don’t worry about what other people are doing nearly as much. I was always focused on what everyone else was doing and how it involved me. I haven’t had the energy boost yet so I may add one more dose to my day and I hope that will help with my food and smoking cravings. The mental changes for me have been amazing and almost scary since I am so used to my mind being all over the place and filled with anxiety. I can absolutely say that for the first time in many years I feel positive and happy. Thank you. Thank you. Becky S, Gilbert, AZ

I was having such an awful time in my relationship with my boyfriend.  He is such a great guy, and I really hope that we will marry someday.  However, while I am normally a confident, outgoing, fun-loving college student (probably why he asked me out), I become fearful, angry, and almost paranoid over time, terrified that he would leave me or cheat on me.  There was absolutely no reason to believe this, and even when all my friends reassured me, I could not stop being afraid or belligerent with him.  Even when I knew I was bringing about my worst fear, I could not stop myself.  Then a friend suggested Endorphinate.  Within days, a calm took over that has never left me.  I could finally see what everyone was saying, and what I really knew about him.  I was back to my old self.  We now have the loving relationship I have always dreamt of, and knew we could have.  I am telling all my friends to take Endorphinate.  It really brings out the best you – it certainly did in me.  Cindy B, Harrisburg, PA

I have had alcohol and marijuana related problems for years.  I knew it was bad  for me,  but I was unable to  make  different  choices. Due to my angry tirades my wife divorced me last year.  I was also on the brink of losing my teaching job due to repeated absences.  Years of psychotherapy and anti-anxiety and anti-depressant formulations were not effective.  Then I decided to try Endorphinate. Once I began to take the full dose, I could see a real difference in nearly every aspect of my life.  My cravings for alcohol and marijuana disappeared.  While I could have easily continued to drink and smoke, I was finally able to make healthier choices, and I was able to fairly quickly stop all substances.  My anger became much more appropriate, in situations that warranted it, rather than simply lashing out at others for very little reason.  I felt an inner calm that I never have felt before, and am so excited to be alive, motivated to help my friends, and be the best teacher for my students.  I finally understand what it means to love others, and myself.   Jim B, Baltimore, MD

I am a college student with severe anxiety and compulsions that I have had for many years, mostly involving pulling out my hair and eyebrows and biting and tearing at my fingernails and cuticles.  I have never been able to feel relaxed or stop my compulsions, despite several years of therapy and other treatments.   When my therapist explained how Endorphinate could help, I was so excited to try it.  And the results have been unbelievable!  Within a few days, I began to feel more relaxed, with less agitation and panicky feelings.  Over time, I have managed to gain better control over my compulsions.   I have not pulled out any hair in weeks, and my nails are growing out for the first time since I was a child.  My parents are thrilled, and I went out with my mother recently to get our nails done.  What a simple pleasure that I have wanted to do for years.  I can concentrate so much better on my studies, and am enjoying hanging out with friends.  Suzanne F., Pittsburgh, PA

I have been taking Endorphinate for a few months.  The effects have been wonderful for me.  While I thought initially it could be a placebo, I am convinced that it really works.  I have never felt as happy, full of energy, and worry-free in my entire life.  If a placebo can do this, call it anything you want.  I have been fairly successful in my life, but always a worrier, stressing out about everything, perfectionistic in many ways, fatalistic in others.  Relationships have always been my challenge, since I tend to get so reactive to even the slightest criticisms or feelings of rejection, most of which I probably made up in my head.  Now, I feel confident, able to go through stresses without reacting emotionally, able to make clear decisions about how to handle them.  The feedback from others is great, and they can really see the difference.  Roberta W, Los Angeles, CA

I want to share some good news with you.  The Endorphinate samples given to me by my nutritionist are helping me immensely.  I was really going through the majority of my days feeling paralyzed with anxiety in comparison to how I feel now.  It is truly remarkable how much it seems to be helping.  I knew I was struggling with significant anxiety. .  .but I didn’t realize just how terrible it was until I started to feel better.  Thank you SO much.  Once I am finished with the sample will the supplement be available for purchase?  I want to share my awareness and gratitude for what seems to be an undeniable healing of my digestive system as well.  Words can’t express my appreciation for you …… State College, PA

I am retired and am the primary caretaker of my husband who has Alzheimer’s.  While I am generally an optimistic, energetic, and positive person, the last few years have taken their toll. I have just not been myself, feeling sorry for myself, more irritable and tired than usual, and generally feeling stressed.    When my daughter suggested I try Endorphinate, I thought “why not”?  Well, I was very pleasantly surprised when, over the next few weeks, I felt my old self returning.  Nothing had changed in my life, other than me.  I felt renewed – calm, filled with my old energy, and more than anything, I was once again optimistic and could handle the situation with my husband as a blessing rather than a curse.  My life has meaning, perhaps more than ever.   Adele J, Philadelphia, PA

I am in middle school, and have always had problems staying focused in classes and homework.  I also feel so tired as the day goes on, becoming more and more distracted.  Really, I was so worried about everything, but I never told anyone – school, friends, family, my parents’ divorce.  My mother has been taking Endorphinate and loves it, so she suggested I take some.  That afternoon I felt better than I had in a long time.  I liked the way it made me feel.  I just felt that I could stay focused on what I was doing, and had the energy to do it.  I even felt that I could remember things more clearly.  Ever since, I have been taking it every day.  Over time, I have felt even better, more able to focus in school and do my work.  My favorite part is that I don’t seem so worried about my life anymore.  Everything seems OK.  Amazing how a pill can make so much difference in my life.  Rebecca W., PA Furnace, PA

I began to take Endorphinate since I had heard that it could help me relax.  It worked better than I could ever have imagined.  In fact, I didn’t realize how tense and anxious I was until I calmed down after taking Endorphinate.  I have found a new sense of calm and peace that I never felt before.  I just don’t worry about silly things anymore, and everything I used to worry about seems silly to me know.  And I don’t feel like I need to control everything and everybody around me.  Another surprise to me is that my snacking has been greatly reduced.  I just don’t feel the cravings anymore.  My weight is going down, and I feel more motivated to exercise.  I have been inspired to join a yoga class, which never had any appeal before.  Everyone at work is asking me about my new “happy pill”.  Lisa C, Huntingdon, PA

I went through a difficult divorce last year, and have not been the same since.  I just have not been able to shake the feeling that something is wrong with my life.  I have been jumpy and not sure who I can really trust.  I have felt insecure and not so good about myself these days.  I am sure I have been more stressed with the kids these days.  I decided to try Endorphinate, since their materials suggested that maybe the stress of my divorce may have set off balance.  They clearly are onto something.  Fairly quickly I began to calm down and feel less tension.  I don’t feel so hurt or angry or focused on my divorce these days.  I am able to pay attention to what is good in my life today, and I am looking forward to a wonderful future.  I just seem so much more realistic and able to see the goodness of my life.  My kids inspire me daily, and I am finally ready to start dating again.  I just wish I had known about Endorphinate earlier.  Jen P, Altoona, PA

I have always been rather cynical and fearful.  I don’t trust people easily and feel worried about what they think about me.  Some people say that I am a loner, but I prefer to see myself as independent.  But really, I am just insecure and scared of getting hurt.  When I learned about Endorphinate, I thought it might help me.  I can’t say that I am a new person, and I still spent a lot of time on my own, but I really feel so much more relaxed and content with my life.  I am able to let go of my old worries, and feel more comfortable in social settings.  There really feels like something has been balanced in a way I never experienced before.  I just don’t get stressed like I used to.   I actually feel happy for the first time in my life.  While I have done some dating, I am much more comfortable and believe that I actually will get married and have a family some day. I never had this faith in myself or in life before.  Barb K, Lewistown, PA

I began to feel better very soon after starting the Endorphinate. I have not been experiencing the constant, underlying sensation of restlessness that I had been feeling for decades. I have felt ongoing inner calm. Also, I am able to accomplish things without having to make a constant effort to tune out the feelings of restlessness.   Diane L, York, PA