Endorphinate®: Releasing the Healing Power of Endorphins

Q. How does Endorphinate® work?

Q. What is an endorphin?  A.  Endorphins are endogenous opioid peptides that naturally exist within the human body. Exogenous opioids, such as the drugs, Vicodin, Oxycontin and morphine, do not exist within the human body, but must be administered in order to mimic the effects of endorphins. (The term “endorphin”, coined by Pondera scientific advisor Dr. Eric Simon, was derived from the phrase “endogenous morphine.”)  Both natural endorphins and exogenous opioid drugs provide a sense of calm, comfort, well being, and pleasure.

Q.    Why is it beneficial to increase endorphins?  A.  Without sufficient endorphins, we are more likely to experience emotional and physical distress, such as anxiety, depression, addiction, and pain, with a limited ability to experience satisfaction, pleasure, and joy.  Boosting endorphin levels relieves emotional and physical distress and enhances our ability to handle stress and enjoy life.

Q.    Are there any problems with increasing endorphins?  A. While endorphins normally inhibit distress and pain, if  “endorphin receptors” are in an “excessive excitatory” rather than “normal inhibitory” mode, they paradoxically produce the opposite effect.

Q.  What does  ”normal inhibitory mode” mean with regard to a person’s endorphin systemA.  When the endorphin receptors are in the inhibitory mode, the release of endorphins inhibits the experience of emotional and physical distress, including anxiety and pain, and promotes a sense of calm, comfort, well being, and pleasure.  This is the normal process in healthy balanced endorphin systems.

Q.  What does “excessive excitatory mode” mean with regard to a person’s endorphin systemA.  When the endorphin receptors are in the excitatory mode, the release of endorphins triggers a heightened experience of distress and pain, alerting the individual to a sense of danger and threat to their body and/or environment.  Excitatory signaling often produces a fight-flight survival instinct, generating marked fears (anxiety), anger (agitation), and cravings (addiction).

Q. What causes a person’s endorphin system to be in “excessive excitatory mode”?  A.  Prolonged stress, injury, drug and alcohol use, and other factors can cause this prolonged imbalance.  In this case, endorphins can actually produce increased anxiety, anger, addiction, and pain.  Therefore, the use of endorphin-enhancing agents, such as caffeine, can actually increase emotional and physical distress if the endorphin system is imbalanced.

Q.  Does Endorphinate® increase endorphins?  A.  Yes, Endorphinate® increases endorphins by including guarana (which contains natural caffeine)  that increase endorphin levels.

Q.  Why is it better to take Endorphinate® than just taking caffeineA.  For the critical reason that since many people have imbalanced endorphin systems, stimulating increased endorphin levels by consuming caffeine often produces excessive excitatory signaling, which triggers greater emotional and physical distress, such as anxiety, pain, and addiction.

Q.  How does Endorphinate® balance the endorphin systemA.  Specific ingredients in Endorphinate®, such as n-acetyl cysteine and magnesium sulfate (“Receptor Switchers”), switch endorphin receptors from distress-inducing excitatory signaling to the calming impact of inhibitory signaling.  Therefore, by combining Endorphin Enhancers with Receptor Switchers, Endorphinate®’s patented formulation promotes increased inhibitory endorphin signaling which produces an increased sense of calm, comfort, well being, and pleasure as well as an adaptive response to stress.

Q.      Why does Endorphinate® help relieve anxiety and stressA.  Since anxiety is produced, in part, by endorphins triggering excitatory signaling, Endorphinate® reverses this effect by switching receptors to the inhibitory mode, thereby reducing emotional and physical distress.  In addition, by stimulating endorphin production, increased inhibitory signaling promotes enhanced calm, well being, and pleasure.

Q.      Why does Endorphinate® help improve a depressed mood? A.  Since depression is produced, in part, by depleted endorphins, leading to impaired satisfaction and pleasure, Endorphinate® restores a positive mood by stimulating production of endorphins.  In addition, by restoring healthy balance to the endorphin receptors, endorphins are more likely to trigger inhibitory signaling, thereby promoting calm, well being, and joy.

Q.      Why does Endorphinate® help relieve cravingsA.  Cravings for food, alcohol, and drugs are often produced by depleted endorphins and/or excessive excitatory endorphin receptor signaling.  With an imbalanced endorphin system, we yearn for substances that will enhance endorphins.  However, the result is simply more craving since excitatory signaling produces increased distress.  By restoring healthy balance to the endorphin system, pleasure and satisfaction are restored, and cravings are reduced.

Q.      Why does Endorphinate® provide a feeling of energy and mental clarity? A.  Caffeine is well-known for enhancing energy and mental clarity, but also anxiety and distress, which impair concentration, attention, and mental functioning.  Since so many of us have imbalanced endorphin systems, by stimulating the production of endorphins, caffeine is likely to trigger excitatory signaling, thereby producing anxiety and agitation.  By including Receptor Switchers in Endorphinate®, the caffeine, which is gradually released from the guarana in this unique, patented formulation, enhances energy and mental clarity without interference by the emotional and physical distress often triggered by taking caffeine (or guarana) alone.

Q.      How is Endorphinate® different or better than energy drinks such as 5-hour energy? A.  Endorphinate® is a vast improvement on current energy drinks since it provides similar energy benefits while simultaneously blocking the noxious side effects of caffeine, including anxiety and agitation.  Endorphinate® is the only product available that enhances energy and mental clarity while simultaneously promoting a sense of calm, comfort, and well being,

Q.    What is unique or special about Endorphinate® compared to other nutraceuticalsA.  Most herbal remedies for anxiety and depression contain natural extracts that are  sedating.  While this tranquillizing effect may be helpful to induce calm and sleep, it is not conducive to effective functioning during the day.  Endorphinate®, on the other hand, not only promotes calm and well being, but also energy, mental clarity, and the feeling of being alive and joyful.  No other nutraceuticals, including popular herbal supplements, such as valerian root and passionflower, provide Endorphinate®’s remarkable range of benefits without side effects.

Q.     What are the most important benefits of Endorphinate®?  A.  Endorphinate® is best used daily to maintain healthy levels of endorphins and balanced receptors to enhance an adaptive response to life’s stresses.  While many people immediately experience a calming relief from emotional and physical distress, as well as enhanced energy and mental clarity, the real benefits of Endorphinate® become more evident over time.  A healthy balanced endorphin system provides an ability to handle life’s stresses more effectively, allowing us to take charge of our life and make healthier choices rather than be driven by reactive emotional distress.  As a result, we are more able to truly experience the natural satisfaction, pleasure, and joy of living that comes from a healthy adaptive approach to life.

Q.  Why should I take Endorphinate® daily?

 A.  All Endorphinate® formulations enhance the functioning of the endorphin system, thereby reducing emotional and physical distress, including anxiety, cravings and anger, while at the same time, promoting calm, positive mood, energy, mental focus, and well-being.  All Endorphinate® products can be used daily in order to:  (1) provide a healthier and more enjoyable life, (2) enhance your ability to adaptively respond to stress in your life, and (3) reduce emotional and physical distress, well-known risk factors for the development of stress-related progressive illnesses.

Q.  Which Endorphinate® product is best for me?

A. Endorphinate® AR, our original formulation, targets emotional distress.  For anyone (12 years or older) interested in handling stress more adaptively, reducing anxiety, anger, and cravings, feeling more relaxed, and enjoying life more fully, Endorphinate® AR is recommended for daily use.

Endorphinate® CF is our caffeine-free formulation, which eliminates specific energizing elements of the other Endorphinate® products, including guarana and B-vitamins. While most people enjoy these energizing benefits, certain people are sensitive to them, and find them too stimulating.  Daily use of Endorphinate® CF is perfect for them (12 years or older).  In addition, Endorphinate® CF is great for evening use by anyone taking Endorphinate® AR during the day, since it helps promote calm and serenity, conducive for restful sleep.

Q. How can Endorphinate® AR  help with stress and especially anxiety when it has 70 mg of caffeine in it?

A.  Pondera scientists have devoted  decades of research into the science of endorphins.  Caffeine, among other agents and activities, raises the endorphin levels in the body.  This is one reason coffee is so popular.  Endorphins bind to opioid receptors throughout the brain and gut in order to produce signals in the body.  We have discovered that if these receptors are in their normal inhibitory mode, endorphins trigger inhibitory signaling, creating sense of calm, comfort, and well-being.  However, if the receptors are in an excitatory state, which is all too common in our “civilized” society, endorphins trigger excitatory signaling, which produces hypersensitivity to pain and stress, agitation, and anxiety. The key to Endorphinate is that we have agents, such as NAC and L-Theanine, that switch these receptors from the excitatory mode to the inhibitory mode.  Therefore, when the caffeine enhances endorphin levels, the endorphins are much more likely to trigger the desired inhibitory signaling, leading to a healthy, positive state of mind and body.    An in-depth discussion of discoveries about  the endorphin system can be found on our web-site at  Pondera Endorphinate® Science.

Q. Can I combine Endorphinate® products?

A.  Yes, all Endorphinate® products work well together, and people often use all three for maximal benefits.  Many people take Endorphinate® AR daily, and add CF for restful sleep, as needed.  For those with sensitive to the energizing effects of Endorphinate® AR, daily use of CF is recommended.  In all situations, we suggest taking no more than a combined total of six (6) Endorphinate® capsules daily.

 Q.  What benefits might I experience when taking Endorphinate®?

A.  Results from a study of more than 200 individuals with emotional distress found that nearly everyone reported substantial relief from worries and fears, obsessions and compulsions, anger and irritability, as well as depressed mood.  Similarly, nearly everyone with physical distress reported substantial relief.  Individuals with sleep, sexual, and memory concerns generally reported substantial improvement.  Cravings for food, alcohol, and drugs were generally reduced with greater control over use of these substances.  Nearly everyone in the study reported a substantial improvement in calm and well-being, concentration and attention, as well as physical comfort.  Emotional, relationship, sexual, and work satisfaction were generally improved.  Many individuals reported an increase in energy, mental clarity, and motivation as well.   Please refer to our Case Study Summary for more information. The link is on our Home Page.

Q.  How likely is it that I will experience these benefits form Endorphinate®?

A.  Endorphinate® has been developed to correct dysfunctional imbalances in the endorphin and other stress related neurotransmitter systems.  For this reason, people who have been experiencing maladaptive emotional and/or physical distress symptoms will typically experience the greatest and most immediate benefit when they begin taking Endorphinate®.   People with minimal emotional or physical distress may experience some increased calm, comfort, and well-being.  However, these effects are usually more subtle.  For these individuals, benefits are typically seen over time, especially regarding more adaptive responses to stressful situations. Moreover, in the unlikely event that a person is already taking a combination of dietary supplements that happen to contain sufficient  quantities of the key Endorphinate® ingredients, he or she is unlikely to experience a significant increase in benefits when adding Endorphinate®.

Q.  How rapidly will I experience benefits from taking Endorphinate®?

A.  Individuals vary considerably.  While some experience benefits within the first hour, others take a few days or weeks of regular use.  Usually, the more serious the impairment in functioning, the longer it may take to see improvement.  However, some individuals with more severe emotional and physical distress report fairly immediate relief.

Q.  Do the benefits continue to increase over time?

A.  Most people experiences greater benefits over time.  In general, we find that the longer an individual takes Endorphinate® on a twice-daily basis, the more meaningful relief is reported.  For many, benefits continue to improve over the course of several months.

Q. Are there side effects or counter-indications I should be concerned about?

A.  Given the natural health-promoting ingredients of all Endorphinate® products, few side-effects are generally reported.  Occasional mild stomach distress, upon initial use, typically goes away within a few days, or when the product is taken with food. For those sensitive to the stimulating effects of Endorphinate® AR, Endorphinate® CF is recommended.

Q.  Are there any medical risks associated with Endorphinate®?

A.  All ingredients in Endorphinate® are natural herbs, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that have been widely used for decades without any significant medical risk.  However, consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended for any medical concerns you may have about using Endorphinate®, particularly for individuals who have a medical condition and women who are pregnant or lactating.

Q.  Can I become addicted to Endorphinate®?

A.  There is no evidence that Endorphinate® produces tolerance or dependence.  Therefore, if you decide to continue taking Endorphinate® in order to maintain benefits, there is no need to continually increase dosing to obtain these effects, nor are there withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing use.

Q.  What happens if I stop taking Endorphinate®?

A.  No one has reported withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing Endorphinate®.  For some individuals, especially those taking Endorphinate® daily for several months, benefits have continued after Endorphinate® was discontinued.  However, others find that their benefits are maximized by continued daily use of Endorphinate®.

Q.  What is the best dose to start with?  How will I know if I should increase or decease the dose?

A.  In general, most people start with two capsules daily, one before or during breakfast and one in late afternoon.  While many individuals find that this dose is effective, others increase to two capsules, twice daily, for maximal benefits.  Dosing can subsequently be increased up to six capsules daily in order to improve benefits.   Over time, personalized dosing schedules can be developed to maximize effects.  Many people find that after taking Endorphinate® for a few months, the benefits are maintained even when the dose is gradually reduced.  Most individuals find that long-term dosing with two to four capsules daily appears to maintain benefits.  As indicated above, Endorphinate® products can be combined, as needed, for symptom relief, up to a total of six (6) capsules daily.

Q.  Will I have better benefits if I take more capsules daily?

A.  Generally, benefits are improved with higher daily dosing, up to six capsules daily.  However, for many individuals, this is unnecessary and lower doses in the range of two to four capsules daily is sufficient.

Q.  How long can I take Endorphinate®?

A.  Endorphinate® has been taken as long as four years without any complications, and its ingredients have been safely used by many people daily for decades.  Therefore, the evidence suggests that there is no limit to long-term use of Endorphinate®. In fact, the science of Endorphinate® suggests that long-term use of Endorphinate® may help maintain healthy homeostatic balance in the endorphin and related stress neurotransmitter systems, thereby helping to prevent maladaptive responses to stress and injury, as well as minimize certain risk factors associated with the development of serious stress-related disorders, including Alzheimer’s, cancer, and diabetes.

Q.  Is there any reason to take Endorphinate® even if I generally feel fine?

A.  This is a personal decision.  The science of Endorphinate® suggests that long-term use of Endorphinate® will help maintain healthy homeostatic balance in the endorphin and related stress neurotransmitter systems, thereby helping to prevent maladaptive responses to stress and injury.  Many individuals take Endorphinate® together with their daily vitamins as a way of helping to prevent the typical neurotransmitter imbalances that occur as a result of aging and the impact of life’s stresses and injuries as well processed foods, alcohol, and drugs.  Individuals on Endorphinate®are more likely to maintain a sense of calm, comfort, and well-being regardless of the stress of daily life, injury, alcohol, and drugs.  Furthermore, they are more likely to respond adaptively and effectively to these stresses, including challenging relationships, work, financial, medical, and other life circumstances.

Q.  Is it necessary to take Endorphinate® every day?

A.  Evidence suggests that daily dosing of at least one Endorphinate® product produces the most consistent benefits.  While Endorphinate® can be taken “as needed”, this is not recommended, since this dosing will most likely limits potential benefits.  However, the addition of specific Endorphinate® products for acute symptoms, such as anxiety, and insomnia, is encouraged.

Q.  Is there any limit to the number of capsules I can take daily?

A.  Yes, we recommend a limit of six (6) capsules daily.

Q.  The label indicates that Endorphinate® AR and PR include guarana, which contains caffeine.  Will this produce restlessness or sleeping difficulties?

A.  Endorphinate® was developed using scientific principles that combine the endorphin-enhancing power of caffeine with other ingredients that maximize calming effects and eliminate the restlessness and sleeping difficulties often experienced when caffeine is taken alone.  Therefore, most individuals find that Endorphinate® enhances calm, relaxation, and sleep, while at the same time promoting a sense of sustained energy, mental clarity, concentration, and motivation.  In addition, Endorphinate® uses guarana, which contains a particularly safe, natural form of caffeine that does not create the rapid “ups and downs’ of most other sources of caffeine, including coffee and energy drinks.  However, in the unusual situation in which sleep is impaired in any way, the second serving of Endorphinate® can be taken earlier in the day, perhaps mid-afternoon or with dinner.  If the effects of Endorphinate AR are too stimulating, Endorphinate CF is a great alternative for daily as well as evening use.

Q.  Will Endorphinate® help with my anxieties and fears?

A.  Our studies have shown that daily use of Endorphinate® helps reduce emotional distress including anxieties and fears.  By restoring balance and enhancing the endorphin and other stress-related neurotransmitter systems, distress signals are reduced, thereby producing an increased sense of calm, positive mood, and well-being.  Endorphinate® may help to resolve the neurophysiologic imbalances that underlie many anxieties and fears. While both Endorphinate® products provide stress relief, Endorphinate® AR offers maximal anxiety relief.  Please refer to our Case Study Summary for more information. The link is on our Home Page.

Q.  How can Endorphinate® help me have better relationships at home and work?

A.  By promoting a sense of calm, comfort, and well-being, many people report that they are able to be more compassionate in their relationships.  They report that they are less irritable, angry, and impatient with others, dramatically reducing their negative impact in personal and work relationships.   In fact, reports from “significant others” support this conclusion.  Therefore, Endorphinate® can benefit not only the individual, but also their friends, family, colleagues, and the social world around them.  Without emotional and physical distress, loving feelings and attitudes are manifested more freely.

Q.  Can Endorphinate® help me reduce my cravings for food?  Alcohol? Painkillers?

A.  Our studies have shown that daily use of Endorphinate® can often help reduce a variety of cravings.  Many people have found that they have been able to reduce their compulsive eating as well as use of various substances when taking daily Endorphinate®.

Please refer to our Cravings and Addiction Link.  The link is on our Home Page.

Q.  Will Endorphinate® help me develop a healthier lifestyle?

A.  There is evidence to suggest that by reducing emotional and physical distress with Endorphinate® many individuals are better able to achieve a healthier lifestyle.  For instance, by reducing cravings for food, alcohol, and drugs, the individual may have greater control over use of these substances.  Similarly, many individuals who find exercise and meditation stressful, often experience these activities in more satisfying ways when taking Endorphinate®, thereby motivating them to continue these health-promoting behaviors.  Obviously, Endorphinate® does not automatically lead to healthier lifestyle choices; it only enhances the individual’s ability to more freely make them and to maintain these healthier behaviors and attitudes.  Our studies also suggests that when individuals develop a healthier lifestyle, the benefits of Endorphinate® are substantially increased. Therefore, we recommend developing a healthy endorphin-enhancing lifestyle in addition to daily use of Endorphinate®, including regular exercise, healthy nutrition, yoga and meditation, and compassionate relationships.

Q.  Do you recommend certain foods, beverages, and supplements in addition to Endorphinate®?

A.  We believe that maintaining a natural balanced diet is critical to long-term health and well-being.  We recommend eliminating processed foods, whenever possible, emphasizing whole natural foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans, as well as fish and lean meats.  There is evidence to suggest that processed foods, particularly those containing sugar and gluten, can produce protracted endorphin imbalances, which leads directly to emotional and physical distress.  While Endorphinate® can help reduce these imbalances, eliminating the cause of them certainly makes sense.  Water is a good health-promoting fluid for our body.  In addition, we recommend green tea, a naturally balanced endorphin-enhancing beverage, which contains certain components of Endorphinate®.  Caffeine drinks, such as coffee and tea, can be consumed in moderation when taking Endorphinate®, and may even enhance certain benefits.  However, without Endorphinate®, caffeine alone can create imbalances in the endorphin system, leading to emotional and physical distress including rapid swings in energy and mood, as well as increased sensitivity to pain and stress.  While daily use of Endorphinate® can be effective without a change in lifestyle, we have found that a heath-promoting lifestyle and diet can exponentially enhance all benefits, and maintaining this healthy lifestyle can be much easier when taking Endorphinate®. Individuals who combine Endorphinate® with a healthy lifestyle often describe a dramatic sense of well-being, pleasure, and joy in daily living.

Q.  What other drugs and medication cause imbalances in the endorphin system?

A.  There is evidence to suggest that many drugs and medications used in modern medicine may produce imbalances in the endorphin system, especially with long-term use.  In fact, many of the undesirable side effects of these drugs, such as hyperalgesia (increased pain sensitivity), restlessness, irritability, headaches, and GI distress, may be the result of endorphin system imbalances.

Q.  Can I restore balance to my endorphin system and relieve emotional and physical distress simply by developing a healthy lifestyle?

A.  We have found that developing a consistently healthy lifestyle, including only whole natural foods and daily exercise and meditation, can dramatically improve a sense of calm and well-being for many people.  However, several problems remain.  First, many people are unable to consistently maintain this healthy lifestyle, in part because underlying endorphin imbalances can interfere with the well-being that should be produced by these healthy behaviors, reducing motivation to continue them.  Second, many people have reported that, despite a very healthy lifestyle, they continue to be plagued by emotional and physical distress, suggesting that protracted endorphin imbalances may not be resolved simply by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Third, there are many factors that contribute to endorphin system imbalances that are beyond an individual’s control, including genetic vulnerabilities, aging, medical conditions and medications, as well as traumatic stress and injury.  Therefore, while we certainly recommend a healthy lifestyle, we have found that the addition of daily Endorphinate® is often an essential element of this lifestyle.

Q.  I have gastrointestinal concerns that my physician believes are stress-related.  Can Endorphinate® help?

A.  Our studies suggest that daily use of Endorphinate® can help reduce emotional and physical distress, including certain gastrointestinal concerns.  Since there are more endorphin receptors in the gut than in the rest of the body, it would make sense that restoring endorphin balance may help resolve the neurophysiologic imbalances underlying certain stress-related gastrointestinal concerns.  Anyone with GI concerns may want to start with one Endorphinate® AR capsule in the morning, and assess benefits, adding an additional afternoon capsule, if well-tolerated.

Q. Can I drink alcohol when taking Endorphinate?

A.  There are no known negative interactions regarding taking Endorphinate® while consuming alcohol.  At the same time, since Endorphinate® can help reduce cravings for alcohol, many individuals find that they are able to better control and limit their alcohol consumption.  Moreover, since Endorphinate® naturally produces calm and well being, there is often a reduced interest in alcohol, as well as drugs that are often used recreationally for relaxation.

Q.  Do I need a prescription for Endorphinate®?

A.  No.  Endorphinate® is a dietary supplement and is available to everyone, just like vitamins.

Q.  Can I obtain a discount if I purchase more than one bottle at a time or sign up for monthly delivery?

A.  Not at this time. However, these discount programs will be available shortly.

Q.  Other companies advertise products that they claim increase endorphins.  What makes Endorphinate® different?

A.  Endorphinate® is the only product based on three decades of published and patented research conducted by Pondera scientists.  Through our systematic preclinical and clinical discoveries, we have developed an entirely new understanding of the bimodally-acting excitatory as well as inhibitory effects of endorphin receptors and the endorphin imbalances that appear to cause many emotional and physical distress conditions, Moreover, our products are the only ones available that have been developed to correct these underlying endorphin imbalances as well as enhance overall endorphin functioning by combining scientifically formulated Endorphin Receptor Switchers and Endorphin Enhancers, with specific Synergistic Enhancers.  Without all of these critical components in scientifically developed proprietary formulations, endorphin-boosting products are likely to produce imbalances in the endorphin system, thereby creating and exacerbating emotional and physical distress.