Dear Health Care Practitioner,

At Pondera® we are committed to the evaluation and testing (Endorphinate® Science) of each of our Distress Disorder Patent Pending products.  Our first clinical study Endorphinate® Case Study Summary (203 subjects) was completed in 2011.  Our  ongoing clinical research supplements the original study as we develop and expand our product line.  The following information is provided to assist your evaluation of Endorphinate®‘s mechanism of action, safety and efficacy: 

  • How Does Endorphinate Work?  How Does Endorphinate Work FAQ
  • What are the ingredients in AR, CF and PR? AR and  CF Ingredients
  • What about the “testimonials”?  Each of the testimonials is an exact “cut and paste” copy of the answer by a customer to the survey question: “Please use the space below to tell us more about your Endorphinate® experience.”  The are unscripted, unprompted and unedited.
  • How do you get answers to specific clinical questions? Our Clinical Division Director, Dr. Steven Crain, a clinical psychologist, has been extensively involved in the development and use of our products.  Please contact Dr. Crain with your clinical questions by e-mail at or telephone: (814) 769-1980.

For more information about our Endorphinate products, to obtain Endorphinate at special Practitioner only pricing, and to find out how you can make Endorphinate available to your patients, please contact William E. Crain, Pondera President and CEO: