Endorphinate’s patented formula is the only adaptogen that creates an  experience of calm, balance, energy and mental clarity by restoring and enhancing endorphins.

The Endorphinate® Story.  In 1973, Pondera Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Eric Simon identified opioid receptors in  the brain, and in 1976 he coined the word  “endorphins”.  Ever since, his colleague Dr. Stanley Crain, Professor Emeritus of Neuroscience, Albert Einstein School of Medicine and Pondera’s Chief Scientific Officer, searched for a way to unleash the power of these natural stress relievers, culminating in the discovery of Endorphinate®:  Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science: Emotional and Physical Distress Relief Using a Novel Endorphinergic Formulation.

 Which Product is Right for You:

 Endorphinate® AR (Anxiety Relief) is our unique, patented formula combining the energizing effect of natural caffeine with the calming, balancing benefits of other key ingredients to help relieve emotional and physical distress, including anxiety, anger, and fatigue, and to promote calm, comfort, well-being, energy, and mental clarity. Add AR to Cart  

Endorphinate® PR (Pain Relief) provides similar (but more modest) benefits as AR with regard to emotional and physical distress while also helping to relieve minor pain (unassociated with any disease state).  Add PR to Cart

Endorphinate® CF (Caffeine-Free) promotes restful sleep, relief of emotional and physical distress, as well as calm, comfort, well-being, and positive mood, without the energizing effects of Endorphinate® AR and PR.  Add CF to Cart