1.      How does Endorphinate® work?

a.       What is an endorphin?  Endorphins are endogenous opioid peptides that naturally exist within the human body. Exogenous opioids, such as the drugs, Vicodin, Oxycontin and morphine, do not exist within the human body, but must be administered in order to mimic the effects of endorphins. (The term “endorphin”, coined by Pondera scientific advisor Dr. Eric Simon, was derived from the phrase “endogenous morphine.”)  Both natural endorphins and exogenous opioid drugs provide a sense of calm, comfort, well being, and pleasure.

b.    Why is it beneficial to increase endorphins?  Without sufficient endorphins, we are more likely to experience emotional and physical distress, such as anxiety, depression, addiction, and pain, with a limited ability to experience satisfaction, pleasure, and joy.  Boosting endorphin levels relieves emotional and physical distress and enhances our ability to handle stress and enjoy life.

c.   Are there any problems with increasing endorphins? While endorphins normally inhibit distress and pain, if  “endorphin receptors” are in an “excessive excitatory” rather than “normal inhibitory” mode, they paradoxically produce the opposite effect.

d.  What does  ”normal inhibitory mode” mean with regard to a person’s endorphin system?  When the endorphin receptors are in the inhibitory mode, the release of endorphins inhibits the experience of emotional and physical distress, including anxiety and pain, and promotes a sense of calm, comfort, well being, and pleasure.  This is the normal process in healthy balanced endorphin systems.

e.  What does “excessive excitatory mode” mean with regard to a person’s endorphin system?  When the endorphin receptors are in the excitatory mode, the release of endorphins triggers a heightened experience of distress and pain, alerting the individual to a sense of danger and threat to their body and/or environment.  Excitatory signaling often produces a fight-flight survival instinct, generating marked fears (anxiety) and anger (agitation).

f. What causes a person’s endorphin system to be in “excessive excitatory mode”?  Prolonged stress, injury, drug and alcohol use, and other factors can cause this prolonged imbalance.  In this case, endorphins can actually produce increased anxiety, anger, addiction, and pain.  Therefore, the use of endorphin-enhancing agents, such as caffeine, can actually increase emotional and physical distress if the endorphin system is imbalanced.

g.  Does Endorphinate® increase endorphins?  Yes, Endorphinate® increases endorphins by including ingredients such as guarana (which contains natural caffeine) and forskolin (“Endorphin Enhancers”) that increase endorphin levels.

h.  Why is it better to take Endorphinate® than just taking caffeine?  For the critical reason that since many people have imbalanced endorphin systems, stimulating increased endorphin levels by consuming caffeine often produces excessive excitatory signaling, which triggers greater emotional and physical distress, such as anxiety, pain, and addiction.

i.      How does Endorphinate® balance the endorphin system?  Specific ingredients in Endorphinate®, such as n-acetyl cysteine and magnesium sulfate (“Receptor Switchers”), switch endorphin receptors from distress-inducing excitatory signaling to the calming impact of inhibitory signaling.  Therefore, by combining Endorphin Enhancers with Receptor Switchers, Endorphinate®’s patented formulation promotes increased inhibitory endorphin signaling which produces an increased sense of calm, comfort, well being, and pleasure as well as an adaptive response to stress.

2.      Why does Endorphinate® help relieve anxiety and stress? Since anxiety is produced, in part, by endorphins triggering excitatory signaling, Endorphinate® reverses this effect by switching receptors to the inhibitory mode, thereby reducing emotional and physical distress.  In addition, by stimulating endorphin production, increased inhibitory signaling promotes enhanced calm, well being, and pleasure.

3.      Why does Endorphinate® help improve a depressed mood? Since depression is produced, in part, by depleted endorphins, leading to impaired satisfaction and pleasure, Endorphinate® restores a positive mood by stimulating production of endorphins.  In addition, by restoring healthy balance to the endorphin receptors, endorphins are more likely to trigger inhibitory signaling, thereby promoting calm, well being, and joy.

4.      Why does Endorphinate® provide a feeling of energy and mental clarity? Caffeine is well-known for enhancing energy and mental clarity, but also anxiety and distress, which impair concentration, attention, and mental functioning.  Since so many of us have imbalanced endorphin systems, by stimulating the production of endorphins, caffeine is likely to trigger excitatory signaling, thereby producing anxiety and agitation.  By including Receptor Switchers in Endorphinate®, the caffeine, which is gradually released from the guarana in this unique, patented formulation, enhances energy and mental clarity without interference by the emotional and physical distress often triggered by taking caffeine (or guarana) alone.

5.      How is Endorphinate® different or better than energy drinks such as 5-hour energy? Endorphinate® is a vast improvement on current energy drinks since it provides similar energy benefits while simultaneously blocking the noxious side effects of caffeine, including anxiety and agitation.  Endorphinate® is the only product available that enhances energy and mental clarity while simultaneously promoting a sense of calm, comfort, and well being,

6.      What is unique or special about Endorphinate® compared to other nutraceuticals?  Most herbal remedies for anxiety and depression contain natural extracts that are  sedating.  While this tranquillizing effect may be helpful to induce calm and sleep, it is not conducive to effective functioning during the day.  Endorphinate®, on the other hand, not only promotes calm and well being, but also energy, mental clarity, and the feeling of being alive and joyful.  No other nutraceuticals, including popular herbal supplements, such as valerian root and passionflower, provide Endorphinate®’s remarkable range of benefits without side effects.

7.      What are the most important benefits of Endorphinate®?  Endorphinate® is best used daily to maintain healthy levels of endorphins and balanced receptors to enhance an adaptive response to life’s stresses.  While many people immediately experience a calming relief from emotional and physical distress, as well as enhanced energy and mental clarity, the real benefits of Endorphinate® become more evident over time.  A healthy balanced endorphin system provides an ability to handle life’s stresses more effectively, allowing us to take charge of our life and make healthier choices rather than be driven by reactive emotional distress.  As a result, we are more able to truly experience the natural satisfaction, pleasure, and joy of living that comes from a healthy adaptive approach to life.