Monica Montag, Holistic Nutritionist, on Endorphinate

Monica Montag, Founder of BeWell Associates and Holistic Nutritionist, has found that Endorphinate provides remarkable benefits for their clients suffering from a wide variety of emotional and physical problems.  Here is an article from BeWell Associates:


Anxiety, Addiction, and Pain…Oh My!


Anxiety, addiction and pain are the triple whammy of our culture and our times.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just make them vanish with a pill?  Really? Is that even possible?

Although I can’t promise that everyone will receive complete relief from these three afflictions I can say that many will.  Studies by national healthcare experts  and our own survey reflects the same results.  We have been testing a product for a local psychologist, Dr. Steven Crain, who developed a new product called Endorphinate, with the assistance of his scientist father.

I have started using it myself, although I do not suffer from anxiety, addiction (well, maybe chocolate and coffee!) or chronic pain.  But I wanted to test it myself.  I can tell you that I feel more calm and more energized at the same time, consistently throughout the day.

The secret is in the formula, which is a combination of familiar vitamins, minerals and botanicals that are blended in a unique proportion.  This combination helps balance and regulate the chemicals in our nervous system, specifically focusing on the chemicals called endorphins, which control our perceptions of stress and pain.  So, even though all the old triggers that may push your buttons remain, your reaction to them is reduced.  This transformation in reactivity has potentially profound and powerful effects on long term stress-induced health issues that now can be avoided or reduced.

Endorphinate not only helps us to be less reactive to external negative triggers, but also enhances our pleasure sensations.   By balancing these powerful brain chemicals we can break out of the cycle of chronic stress reactivity, unbalanced cortisol, and the fatigue, anxiety and general lack of joy and contentment that is so common in many peoples’ daily lives.

There are far reaching benefits of managing these brain chemicals that go beyond decreased anxiety, enhanced energy, and clear thinking. One of my first clients who tried it had numerous ailments that we initially attributed to food allergies.  However, upon further testingwe found that they were not allergy related and yet, this young woman was down to eating an extremely limited diet.  After a week or so on the Endorphinate, all her suspected food allergies cleared up. Since then she has been able to eat a normal range of foods without discomfort.

The Endorphinate rebalanced her brain chemistry and eliminated the extreme anxiety that was actually causing those reactions.  And after a few months of using the product, she has been able to discontinue it, because it had lasting effects on her brain chemistry.

Since then I am seeing numerous clients whose digestive problems resolve on just 1-2 Endorphinate each day.  This improvement in digestion makes a great deal of sense to me, given how intimately we experience stress through our digestive system.  The production of an adequate supply of digestive enzymes diminishes with stress and hence affects our ability to digest and assimilate food. When stress is reduced, digestion improves.

Stress also makes us hungry.  Endorphinate has a powerful effect on decreasing the cravings that are associated with unbalanced cortisol (the stress hormone) levels.  We are seeing weight loss in some folks who have been struggling otherwise, and they feel much more emotionally even as a bonus!

We have a few wives who won’t let their husbands’ supply run out…and some husbands who do the same for their wives!  I don’t know of any relationship that could not benefit from a little more tolerance and patience, and I find the Endorphinate helps this happen.

We are in the process of evaluating how Endorphinate  effects blood sugars.  The stress response increases not only cortisol but also blood sugar levels.  Decreasing cortisol has the potential to normalize blood sugar. If you are a diabetic who checks blood sugars at least once/day and would like to try this product, please let us know.  We will be happy to give you the first bottle free in exchange for blood sugar data!   Just email me for the particulars:

The original formula’s ingredients include the active form of B6 (P-5-P), folic acid, B12,   magnesium, ashwaganda (the Indian ginseng), gingko (increases circulation to the brain), NAC (powerful anti-oxidant),  guarana, l-theanine, and  lemon balm.

In summary, here is what you can expect from Endorphinate:

  • All natural ingredients
  • Unique endorphin balancing formulation
  • Relieves emotional and physical distress
  • Promotes calm, comfort, and well‑being
  • Enhances positive mood
  • Reduces cravings
  • Reduces addiction
  • Increases energy and mental clarity
  • Boosts immune system

Endorphinate comes in different formulas:

  • Endorphinate AR is the original.
  • Endorphinate CF is the same as the original formula but without caffeine (unless you are VERY sensitive to caffeine I recommend you use the original formula- the caffeine is minimal and really enhances the effect).
  • Endorphinate PR is the pain relief formula.

If you need to take a second dose do so by mid afternoon.  It is safe to use in conjunction with SSRI’s and SNRI’s.   It is not necessarily needed on an ongoing basis.

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