I.  Introduction

Pondera has discovered an innovative method to simultaneously reduce respiratory and emotional distress.  We have unlocked the calming potential of cAMP-PDE4 inhibitors — for years, seen as the “holy grail” for respiratory and psychiatric disorders, but has been elusive until now.

By reducing both respiratory and emotional distress, there is a remarkable synergy, which reverses the vicious cycle between them.

Over the course of three decades, our team of neuroscientists have discovered the key to unleashing the pain-relieving potential of exogenous and endogenous opioids.  Now we have transferred this innovative methodology to the next generation medication for respiratory and anxiety disorders.

Section II.  Publications

Emotional and Physical Distress Relief Using a Novel Endorphinergic Formulation (Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science, 2013, 3, 441-453 Published Online October 2013)

Endorphinergic Attenuation of Distress by Concomitantly Enhancing Endogenous Opioid Release and Switching Opioid Receptor Signaling from an Excessively Excitatory to a Normal Inhibitory Mode (Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science, 2013, 3, 497-508 Published Online November 2013)

Section III.  ENDORPHINATE®: Natural nutraceutical formulations that promote relief from emotional and physical distress by enhancing healthy endorphin functioning: calm + well-being + mental clarity + energy.

Pondera Endorphinate® Overview 

Section IV.  Pondera Endorphinate Anxiety Relief Patent (February, 12 2013)

  1. A method to safely and effectively treat Anxiety conditions, symptoms and/or disorders in a subject in need comprising: (a) administering at least one Receptor Switcher to the subject, wherein the receptor switcher is N-acetyl cysteine; and (b) administering at least one Endorphin Enhancer to the subject, wherein the endorphin enhancer is a compound comprising caffeine.