Why Endorphinate®?

For the first time, the natural pain and stress relieving power of endorphins has been unleashed.  Our unique groundbreaking formulations, based on three decades of scientific research, dramatically produce a state of calm, comfort, and well-being as well as increased energy and concentration. No other product on the market is based on this endorphin science, nor do any produce the simultaneous relief of anxiety, cravings, and pain that Endorphinate® can achieve.  Endorphinate’s ingredients are all natural plant-based products that have been safely used by decades — but neverin this unique scientifically developed patent-pending formulation.  By taking Endorphinate®, you can finally experience the calming, yet energizing sense of well-being produced by endorphins — all day long.

The Challenge – Understanding the pain and emotional distress from which so many of us suffer and finding a safe, effective and natural way to resolve these concerns is a central challenge of modern life. Our research team has uncovered dramatic evidence that many individuals are trapped in a chronic state of pain and emotional distress from which they are unable to escape. While many of them have been given a wide variety of psychiatric and medical diagnoses, from chronic pain to anxiety and addiction, a common underlying core problem seems to be that they are in a constant state of alert — as if they were always in danger and at immediate risk for harm.  As a result, they respond to injury and stress in a way that only increases their symptoms: chronic aches and pains, worries and anxieties, obsessions and compulsions, panic, despair and depression, cravings and addictions, anger and irritability, social withdrawal and conflict and a lack of motivation, concentration, and attention.  We have coined the term, Distress Dysfunction, to describe this underlying core problem.

The Discovery — After several decades of preclinical and clinical research, Pondera scientists discovered that Distress Dysfunction conditions are caused by imbalances in the stress-related parts of the nervous system. When balanced, these systems alert us to avoid potential danger or harm (pain) or embrace healthy and positive activities (pleasure).  However, when these systems are chronically imbalanced, two powerful and distressing problems are created:

  1. the individual is chronically in a world of physical and emotional distress and pain, with this core alert/adaptation system urgently warning them that they are in danger and at risk for serious harm when the original stress/harm is no longer present or
  2. the individual is chronically unable to experience pleasure or a sense of well being, even when the circumstances would normally allow them to do so.

The Solution – The key to these imbalances and resulting problems is the depletion of the individual’s readily available and properly functioning endorphins.  Endorphins are naturally occurring neuro-chemicals in our bodies that, when both healthy and plentiful, effectively protect us against many of the symptoms and conditions associated with Distress Disorder.  Pondera scientists have discovered effective combinations of naturally occurring agents that can reset the natural amount and balance of endorphins that can

  1. help and support the repair and prevent the re-occurrence of a wide variety of Distress Dysfunction conditions and symptoms;
  2. help and support healthy, effective response to injury and stress;
  3. help and support reduced pain and  distress; and
  4. help and support a person’s ability to engage in and enjoy their personal and working lives with reduced pain and distress and an increased in pleasure and satisfaction.

Endorphinate®.   While there are products on the market that contain some of the ingredients for anxiety, pain, and addiction that are included in Endorphinate®, none have the power of Endorphinate® to enhance and balance the most important neurotransmitters responsible for pain and distress: endorphins.  Our clinical research has demonstrated the remarkable safety and effectiveness of Endorphinate® for the relief of worries and anxieties, aches and pains, as well as cravings and addictions.  Imagine finally being able to naturally experience the sense of calm, comfort, and well-being that leads to joy and happiness in life.