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All Natural Ingredients

Pondera Endorphinate® AR (Anxiety Relief) helps relieve anxiety and depressed mood,  promotes calm, comfort, well-being, energy and mental clarity by increasing and balancing endorphins.

Pondera Endorphinate® CF (caffeine free) promotes restful sleep as well as calm, comfort, well-being and positive mood by increasing and balancing endorphins.

Pondera Endorphinate® PR (pain relief) promotes relief from emotional distress and minor pain  i.e. muscle pain following exercise, by by increasing and balancing endorphins.


Endorphinate® Case Study Summary (Study Link)

(203 people used Endorphinate® as recommended. The effective dosage level depended
upon the severity of symptoms and the person’s sensitivity to natural products.  Everyone who used Endorphinate® experienced substantial benefits.  Noone who used Endorphinate® had increased symptoms or negative side effects.)

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